Leading 5 Things To Bring On A Weekend Camping Journey In Colorado

There are many misconceptions about stoners, a popular one being that all stoners lack motivation and energy. Although these generalizations may be true about some stoners, they are have the ability of being true about non-stoners too. Despite what some people may think, stoners, like everyone else, actually enjoy engaging in physical and action-packed activities when stoned. While some would rather kick back and relax with a joint after a long day at work, others will enjoy lighting one up before going out on a Friday night. The following is a list of the top 5 best activities to do when stoned.

Going to See a Comedy Show

It is no secret that people who are stoned enjoy a good laugh, which is why going to see a comedy show is one of the best places to go when high. For many people, going to see a renowned comedian is an activity that must be carried out while stoned. Most would agree that grabbing some drinks at the bar and watching a great comedian crack joke after joke while stoned is an idealistic moment.

Going to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

If there is one thing about stoners that everyone knows, it’s their ability to be hungry and gorge on large amounts of food when high. A great activity to partake in on a simple night out with friends is smoking a joint and heading to a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet. While this activity might not be ideal for restaurant owners, it is for pot website smokers who could eat until there’s no tomorrow. Weed is often prescribed to people battling anorexia in order to get them to eat, so one can imagine how pot can affect one’s hunger.

Going to an Amusement Park

Another great activity to partake in when stoned is the one of visiting an amusement park. Before driving to the amusement park, Google “ recreational dispensaries near me”, and stock up on a good amount of weed or edibles. Since people are usually searched at the gates of these establishments, it is advised to smoke before entering the park. In order to prolong one’s high, edibles can be taken instead of the typical joint. Once inside the amusement park, groups of friends can enjoy themselves by riding roller coasters and go-carts.

Playing Video Games

One activity that will never go out of style when stoned is playing video games. Now that technology is advancing, many virtual reality games are becoming accessible to the public and are ideal for a fun night in.

Zip Lining

While smoking a joint and going zip lining may not be everyone’s forte, some stoners really enjoy it. While the initial jump may be terrifying, there is no better feeling than soaring through the trees while high.

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